This is gonna take forever.

Have we ever thought about that word? Forever. I use it all the time. And this morning, it hit me just how important it is that we understand this word. Forever. That’s a long time.

But what I am finding, is that forever cannot get here fast enough. Yesterday, I was walking through the grocery store and my buggy scraped up against my ankle. Anybody know what I’m talking about?  It hurt so bad. Around me, tragic car accidents are happening what feels like every weekend. Our nation is headed down a path I’m not sure I’m ready to follow. Girls are backstabbing each other in my high school. Cancer is rampant. People I love are not saved. Natural disasters happen all the time, and mass shootings don’t even gets #PrayersFor tweets anymore. It’s as if the earth is groaning, longing, hurting, waiting.

Oh wait.

It is.

And see, that is where I found my rest this morning. I am finding rest in temporary home – but only because it is temporary. I can go to school, I can see these natural disasters and shootings on twitter, I can look at another post about a candidate, and I sit back and contemplate forever. My mind cannot fully wrap its head around eternity with Jesus, so if what I only understand about 0.1% blows my mind, then how much more will the actual thing amaze me? (Which just makes me even more amazed, by the way) I look forward to that day. I long for it.

And it makes me realize how worked up I get over fairly unimportant things. So what if I make a B on that quiz? I worked so hard. Does it really matter, in the whole scheme of eternity, what that girl just said about me? What does getting into UGA verses going to UNG matter when I stand in the presence of the living God? How can I sit here and say how my senior year of cheer leading is more important than investing in my eternity?

It isn’t. And today, I rest in the glory of what will be Jesus returning to get me, dressed in white, ready to take me where I belong.

This is not home.

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